Wez Photo Works: Blog http://wezphotoworks.com/blog en-us (C) Wez Photo Works (Wez Photo Works) Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:27:00 GMT Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:27:00 GMT http://wezphotoworks.com/img/s/v-5/u711591058-o530583374-50.jpg Wez Photo Works: Blog http://wezphotoworks.com/blog 68 120 Baby Harish http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2018/2/baby-harish Being a photographer with my own label or brand means I have to keep track of what happening around me everyday. So I usually will just scroll down all the social media pages, be it FB, Insta or twitter just to get to know what happening around with all the people around me especially all of my previous or future clients. Usually, the next wonderful news after photographing wedding is, having the gift of their life, baby. 

Surendran and Agnes was one of my previous client. Having me for their pre wedding photo around Kuching in year 2016. As soon as their first baby was born, Agnes and later Surendran contacting me for having their baby being photographs.

I was probably the first person which not a family member get the chances to photograph this little baby Harish Danny in his less than a week old.

Thank you for your continues support for my art works, wish this baby and the parents good health along the way. 

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Mini Studio http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2017/11/mini-studio It always starts with a dream and I always believe in the big dreams. I ever thought and told myself, if I were to dream big, don't worry, because there is no cost for dreaming but make sure that the dreams is something realistic.

There was a room in our new home of which the room was originally a square 2m x 2m cubicle, probably fits for a study room before the renovation. Once the renovation was completed sometimes in April this year, we have no idea on what to do with the room. The room now wider from it's original cubical shape. 

Up till around September, I was thinking why not turning this un-ocupied room into a mini studio rather than just filled with dust and spider web? In October, I spent a little extra budget and have bought some extra equipment for the studio and everything gets into place by early November. 

Still a little mess here and there but I'm ready to kick the ball rolling. Do drop by to our new home based mini studio this November for a soft opening / studio warm up. 

Location : P3, No. 20, Tondong Heights, Bau. 

Contact me via Call, SMS or WhatsApp : 012-8848770

Private Message via Facebook : fb.com/wezphotoworks

Book your slot. SPECIAL OPENING PRICE.  




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Create the scene : Wez's post processing http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2017/9/create-the-scene As usual on every wedding day, there will be a session for my client to have an outdoor photo session. I always love this and always try to create new scene and not to replicate the previous wedding's photo scene just to add more style to my portfolio. 

My style of post processing was then not just doing some minor adjustment but I love to try and create a whole new scenery with more brilliant colours and look. I spent most of the time on Adobe Lightroom to post process all of the images and adjustment brush is the most features in Lightroom that I utilised the most. Here are two of my recent works with before and after images that I processed via Lightroom's Adjustment Brush.

Thanks for reading. 

- Wez. 

[ 2nd Place - WPPA (Sarawak) The Photographer's Awards 2017 (Wedding Category) ]  

[ Honorable Mention - International Photo Awards (IPA-US) 2015 (Smile of the Dayak) ] 

[ Finalist - KL Photo Awards (KLPA) 2015 (Smile of the Dayak) ]  

[ Finalist Top Ten - Sarawak Fashion Awards 2016 (Fashion Photography) ]  

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Cheerful youths http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2017/7/cheerful-youths It was planned several months ago when Elviana first contact me but due to certain circumstances, the first plan was scrapped until she make a follow up to have their photo sessions outside their school. 

At first, I didn't expect they to dressed up in their school's blue formal uniform as all I was ready for was just for a fun and very casual day out. 

Filled with energy, fun and cheerful sessions reminds me of my younger days.. Poor me.. I'm a bit tired towards the end..reminds me that I'm getting old..haha..

Thanks to all of them as they really gave full cooperation till the end. 



| 1st Runner Up (Wedding Category) - WPPA (Sarawak) The Photographer's Awards 2017 | 

| Finalist (Top Ten) - Sarawak Fashion Awards (Fashion Photography) 2016 | 

| Honorable Mention - International Photo Awards (US) 2015 (Smile of the Dayak) |

| Finalist - KL Photo Awards (KLPA) 2015 (Smile of the Dayak) |

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Behind the scene : Location shoot http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2017/6/behind-the-scene Shooting on location can be tricky a little bit as there are always no exact setting of the camera neither the flash power can be determined just by referred to the previous shooting even on the same location as here in our country, we always had a very strong direct sun light up above us. But pay in mind that the previous setting still important just to get the base reading or setting for your upcoming shoot. 

This time I would like to share some of the tips to get a good shot with off flash techniques. As usual on every actual day wedding session, I love to spent a little time just to get a few shots for their big day memories. 

Here on the location, at Siniawan Old Town. It's always a good choice to start with the base reading before you fill up the flash into the final shot. 

I shot this image at 1/250sec, f/8, ISO 200 without adding in the flash and this was the base reading and I have this image as a result. The sky was a little bit overexposed but the other details are well exposed because I already planned to shoot with filled flash. Further more, I shoot in RAW format. So I still managed to recover some details for the sky later during the post processing. 

Then, I filled up the scene with off flash with setting (of the flash) was around 1/2, 16mm. 

This was the result with the filled flash and it was purposely just to lit up the couple to gain much important details since I wanted to drive my audience to focus on the couple.

Finally, the final image was fully processed in Lightroom with a lot of adjustment brush works of which was my signature editing style. 

I hope this simple technique will help some of the photographers out there some ideas on how to get a good shot at the location shoot. 



Interested to learn personally with Wez ? 

Send your inquiry to : wez.photoworks@gmail.com 


Content was fully owned by wezphotoworks.com















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The Photographers Awards 2017 : 1st Runner Up http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2017/3/tpa2017-1st-runner-up #WPPA #TPA2017 #awards#WPPA #TPA2017 #awards

It was the time of the year and this year, the organizer introduce more category rather than just fashion such as the wedding & photojournalism. A very short period for the call for entry and last minutes announcement on the finalist notice for the photo to be submitted for the judging is something the organizer should take note in the next edition (if any) so that the participant or the finalist can prepare the final product carefully. 

Lining up against a few big names didn't stop me for being confidence with my own artworks but winning the second place just behind the champion, Lay Yew Hung is something that surprised me as the other finalist are also the best in their own concept. 

I dedicate this award to my very supportive wife, Lyna for your support and patience since the day we met. I won't achieved this without your full support for keeping our small family and our two little children well managed with my full schedule most of the times.

Thank you to all of my clients for your trust, support and endless cooperation in every weddings or shooting that I've worked with. Every weddings have their own story to tell and I always try to capture your best moments and keep it forever. Also to all of my friends, there's always a good support from all of you.

Congratulations to the Wedding category champion, Lau Yew Hung for the second consecutive year although this time in different category. Your artworks always be my inspiration. Ariffin Mohamad Husaini, the 2nd runner up. Keep up the good works. The fellow finalist, Syukri Shahdan, Pendi Kamri, and others, be in the top ten finalist is not an easy task. Don't stop, keep it up. 
Congratulations to the other category winner such as Kim Aretuukusu, Paul Sarawak, Kelvin Chan & Peter Teo. 

My mentor, Alvin Leong and fellow judges. Thank you for the awards and WPPA, TEGAS & Sarawak Govt for such event in Sarawak. 

**my apology I if forgot to mentioned some names here. Peace.

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SUKMA 2016 Closing ceremony event http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/8/sukma-2016 I was given an opportunity to be part of the Penang state media covering for the SUKMA 2016 which was held in Sarawak recently but I was only be able to get down to the field for the closing ceremony as the rest of the coverage was covered by my friend. As I was only be able to shoot the closing ceremony, so here are part of which I managed to shoot. All of the media including the press photographer and tv personnel are not allowed to have a walk across the field and all of us were only allowed to shoot from the front side of the arena. So, don't expect too much action here. 

Anyway, enjoy the show. 

-Wez. 2016.

| KLPA 2015 Finalist [Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards] | IPA-US 2015 Honorable Mention [International Photo Awards] |

| SFA 2016 Top Ten Finalist [ Sarawak Fashion Awards] |

SUKMA 2016 SARAWAKSukma 2016 SUKMA 2016 SARAWAKSukma 2016 SUKMA 2016 SARAWAKSukma 2016 SUKMA 2016 SARAWAKSukma 2016   




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Event Shoot : Konsortium Bumi 10th Anniversary http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/7/event-konsortium-bumi-anniversary It's been a while I didn't shoot for any event coverage. The last was about last year (2015) for the Forum Belia Tegas. About a month ago, I was called by the management of this company, Konsortium Bumi, a construction consultant based in Kuching, Sarawak, to shoot for their 10th anniversary celebration dinner. Held on 1st July 2016 at the Imperial Hotel Kuching, the event was attended by some 300 over staff and invited guest with some VVIP (names are not permitted to be revealed due to some privacy request). Apart from the dinner, speech and a project launching, there was some great performances by local band and musicians such as At Adau ( FB @LoveAtAdau ) with one special appearances by Maria Shandi, (FB/Tweeter - @MariaShahdi ). Here are some of the photo of the performance. 

**The content / more photos will be updated soon.

- Wez. 

|   wez.photoworks@gmail.com   |   w w w . w e z p h o t o w o r k s . c o m  |   fb.com/wezphotoworks   |

| Finalist for KL International Photo Awards(KLPA) 2015  |  Awarded Honorable Mentions for International Photo Awards (US) 2015  |

 Top ten finalist (photographer) of Sarawak Fashion Awards 2016  | 

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Little girl : Eudora Lykas | Part Two http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/6/baby-girl-eudora-lykas-part-two I've continue to shoot another few photo for my lovely newborn, baby Eudora Lykas. If you missed the first shot and the story behind her name, just refer to my earlier blog post or simply click on the link here : [ http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/6/baby-girl-eudora-lykas-part-two ]

eudora photo shoot

This was her day two in the world. So, based with a black cloth for the background, a rattan tray and her mom's white scarf. Also, powered by Canon EOS 6D equipped with 50mm f1.4 (not sponsored by Canon EOS anyway). The light source was available natural light through the window just above the photo orientation. Just don't get any artificial lighting systems for any newborn photo shoot as the powerful flashes could harm the baby's eye. Anyway, I never shoot any newborn photo before but I learned most of the setup from the others photographers. 

Wanna see the final outcome? Just scroll down. 

eudora lykas photoshootBaby EudoraEudora Lykas photoshoot eudora lykas photoshootBaby EudoraEudora Lykas photoshoot eudora lykas photoshootBaby Eudora eudora lykas photoshoot eudora lykas photoshootBaby Eudora eudora lykas photoshoot eudora lykas photoshootBaby Eudoraeudora lykas photoshoot

To engaged with his photography works : Kindly email your inquiry to : wez.photoworks@gmail.com   WezPhotographer's profile

| Finalist for KL International Photo Awards(KLPA) 2015 | Awarded Honorable Mentions for International Photo Awards (US) 2015 | Top ten finalist (photographer) of Sarawak Fashion Awards 2016 | 

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Welcome to the world, Eudora http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/6/baby-eudora The joy of being a father can't be described with words. Be a father and let the experience fill your life. It's an amazing feeling. Announcing our latest family member, a beautiful gift of life from the Almighty God, a little girl. Born on 25th June 2016 at 4.42pm and weighted 3.49kg. 

We decided to named the baby, Eudora Lykas. Eudora is originates from the Greek language, which means good gift or generous gift. While Lykas which pronounce as 'Li-kas' is a Dayak Bidayuh (Bau), which means quick or faster. 

Here are the first shot of baby Eudora Lykas. 



Part two of baby Eudora photo can be view here : [ http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2016/6/baby-girl-eudora-lykas-part-two ]

Eudora LykasEudora LykasBaby Eudora Lykas

| Finalist for KL International Photo Awards (KLPA) 2015 | Awarded Honorable Mention for International Photo Awards (US) 2015 | Top Ten Finalist (photographer) of Sarawak Fashion Awards 2016 |

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A big thank you. http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/10/a-big-thank-you In 2007, I bought my first digital camera of which I still kept today. Its a small point and shoot camera, the Olympus compact camera. I enjoy capturing photo with it but then again, I always be amazed with all the National Geographic magazine's pictures. But the price of DSLR was not cheap then. After a hard years of savings, I bought my first DSLR in 2008, a Sony a200 camera. An entry level dslr which just have the function to capture still images. For that onwards, it was the wonderful journey I made. Met with lots of new friends, attend various workshops and as it get serious, I joined a professional photography class and be trained by professional photographers. 

It was in 2012 when I started a journey as a wedding photography, up until today, I have seen and be the key witnessed of up to 20 over weddings. Today, when I looked back into my journey, I won't be success without the full support and trust from all of my former clients. 



p/s : A tribute to the late Mr. Syahnon. Co founder of Pickatcha' Photography (before Wez Photo Works)

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It's not the Arabian night. The morning belly dancer. http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/10/its-not-the-arabian-night-the-morning-belly-dancer I was assigned as the photographer for another event by our bank, Maybank for the national sports day, Hari Sukan Negara which was initiated by the prime minister to be an annual sports day for Malaysia. This was to encouraged Malaysian to involved more into a healthy lifestyle. 

As usual, my exercise routine was not with the crowd, but exercise with my camera and this was a healthy lifestyle for me as I do got sweaty most of time on every photo assignment. 

Belly dancing was part of the event. It was not as fast as the aerobics or zumba but it may enough to loose down the extra fat especially on the belly. 

Here are some of the photo of the belly dancer in action.

*More photo to be added. So, stay tuned.


(Wez Photo Works) belly bidayuh borneo dancer dayak events hari jurugambar kuching malaysia sarawak sukan wezphotoworks http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/10/its-not-the-arabian-night-the-morning-belly-dancer Sat, 10 Oct 2015 15:39:29 GMT
Affordable Engagement session or known as pre wedding photo http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/9/affordable-engagement-session-or-known-as-pre-wedding-photo What is ENGAGEMENT SESSION?

In Malaysia, most couple is looking to have their wedding photo taken before their actual day wedding, pre wedding photo session or which in the other countries; they called it the ‘Engagement Session’. Commonly, the word engagement in Malaysia refers to a couple get in a simple ceremony to be recognized officially as fiancé and fiancée, which held just before their wedding day.

Engagement session or pre wedding photo session is optional but can be important photo session for both of the bride and groom since those photos can be use for their wedding invitation card or be use for a photo slide show and be shared among friends and relatives.

Jeff+MaryJeff+MaryWedding day photo journal by Wez Photo Works



The cost for engagement session can be different from one photographer to another. And most couple finds it easy to go on a window shopping to every bridal in the town an just consult to bridal which usually offering bundle packages which included the make-up, hair do and dresses which finally can add up to RM 2000 – 5000 each session (some even goes up to more than RM 10,000 with overseas travel packages).

I didn’t condemn or opposed any of these packages if you can afford it, as long as the couple satisfies with their photo or packages, which didn’t burn out their pocket, go for it. You can have a nice to great quality of photo album and a few more dresses to put in during the sessions of which, I personally look it as some bridal are having too much dress to put in, from normal dress to Japanese, Korean costumes which making their photo looks like to be from a fancy dress collections rather than a wedding photo. This is one of the bridal’s tactic to attract their potential customers, by adding in their packages, “Up to 5-10 dresses during the pre wedding”, which looks ridiculous to do the changing in a half day shoot.



As the main topic for this blog entry is about the affordable engagement session, I will open a new possible window for couples which looking to save some pocket money for their big day, especially during these time as our economy and the current dropped of our currency. With the saving of few hundred ringgit, maybe you can save that money for a good honeymoon locally or abroad.

So, back to the main topic again, how low it can be? It depends on how much you could spend on the engagement session itself. As a photographer myself, I can assured that the cost can be just below RM 1,000 to RM 2,000 depends on what the couple need as I can customize the packages. This is not inclusive the make-up, hair do and dresses.

Below RM 1000 for a pre wedding photo session? Yes, why not? There’s an option for the budget session. But then again, you will always get what you pay for. It may not inclusive of make up, hair do or nice wedding dress, but the photo can be looks better. Make up, normally can cost from RM150-300 a session, (you can have this, consult your make-up artist), hair do can be around RM100-300 (it’s optional, choose wisely), dress rental around RM300-800 each (oh yes, you can skip on this if you have beautiful dress in your wardrobe. So, minus the hair do and dress, there’s a saving from RM400-1000. After considering this option, then consult a photographer, which can customize your needs.



Photographer may provide a service with or without the photo album. Which can cost around RM800-10,000 or even more for overseas trip. Which I can’t mention here, because the price varies to each photographers in town. Always consult a photographer, which have a good portfolio or range of works with their sample works provided when you meet them. And, make sure you have a contract signed just to protect yourself from being cheated. There could be a hidden charges somewhere.





Well, it is up to every individuals spending limits as my blog entry is just for your reference and it is my sharing to every couple out there. I am open to any idea and suggestions, or even questions. Contact me via email, wez.photoworks@gmail.com 

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Smile of the Dayak http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/7/smile-of-the-dayak  

Smile of the Dayak. 
-Finalist of the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2015
It was unplanned shots during the session. As this man tried to wipes his face, I quickly asked him to hold on and I just shot this image. 
Pak Ahong, was one of a few of Gawea (harvest festivals) traditional ceremony member. 
This photo is open for sale with the following price tag :
• 12R : RM 300
• 16R : RM 550
All price are inclusive of frame.
Please contact us for the details of payment. 
Smile of the DayakSmile of the Dayak
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Photographer in the FRAME. http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/5/photographer-in-the-frame Did you ever know that in some tight condition or angle, the photographer have to accidentally got himself or herself in the frame? 

Well, it was not accidentally but shot on purposed, as long as he or she know what wil he or she do to the photo, Cropping.

Here are the sample. The before and after photo.

(Wez Photo Works) actual based bau bidayuh blog borneo copy dayak kahwin kuching lee malaysia photo photographer portraits sarawak soft storage wedding wez wezlee wezphotoworks works http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/5/photographer-in-the-frame Tue, 19 May 2015 12:23:19 GMT
Jeffy + Mary Merisa Wedding http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/5/jeffy-mary-merisa-wedding Jeffry and Mary Merisa's wedding day moments as captured by Wez. Here are just the teaser photo from their wedding. The full series of their wedding photo can only be view once I have done with the selections and post production.

Please take note that these photo are just the random selections for the early teaser and the final outcome may vary. 

Congratulations to both of them and thank you for choosing me as their wedding photographer.



The make up and hair do at I DO WEDDING's bridal by Caroline Liew. 

The first options to have their post wedding outdoor photo was at Turn Red's temple but was later changed to Fairy Cave's Bidayuh's Home Stay. It was the Labour day public's holiday on the previous day, so there are so many visitors/tourist on both locations which may distracted the shooting sessions but here, as the home stay's owner was my father relatives, I always have the privilege to use their location.   It was hot afternoon with blazing heat of the sun and they are willing to do it here in Tasik Biru. Normally, I would have the shoot at the other side on the jetty but as I was thinking there was a shade area under the big trees around the other side of the lake, so I changed the location. First time shooting on the other side of the lake and the view was beautiful.


For booking and more info about Wez's service, please contact Wez via email at : wez.photoworks@gmail.com


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Top 10 : Must Have in Wedding Checklist http://wezphotoworks.com/blog/2015/4/top-10-must-have-in-wedding-checklist 1. Budget

  • Budget must be on top of your entire checklist. This is very crucial because once you set up a budget; you will be able to limit your spending and easily to determine what should be next on the checklist.
  • Let’s take an example of RM20,000.00 budget. With a budget of that amount, you can now decide the venue of the receptions. It can be a low to mid-range hotels or restaurant. Then, you can decide on what type of wedding rings, dress, the make up and photography/videography.

2. Date

  • Date is the next things to decide. So, choose on at least 3 suitable date. I suggest three is because, before you confirm the final event date, you need to check with the church on the blessing’s ceremony, the receptions venue provider (Hotel/Restaurant/Hall) and of course with your partner or parents. Things may go wrong in the very last minute, so you need to spare 2-3 suitable dates.

3. Venue

  • There are also three things to consider in choosing the right venue. First, you need to consider which home town is your partner (husband/wife to be). If he or she is from the same hometown, you can look into the nearest hotel or restaurant or multi-purpose community hall. If the other way rounds, you and your partner need to discuss with both of your parents to help you decide.
  • Choosing the hotel/restaurant is an easy way to just sit back & relax through out the waiting period before your big day. Hotel/Restaurant’s wedding receptions package normally come complete with the entire menu, program tentative, themes, projectors, and the decorations. But you must make sure you’ve made a good choice of venue provider otherwise, your big day will never happen as what you imagine.
  • In Malaysia, especially in Sarawak, some (couple) will just choose to held their wedding reception at their own resident/house or the community multi-purpose hall. This is very common in my area/district and normally; they (the couple/family members) will hire their own relatives or the best local ‘chef’ to cook for the big event.

4. Guest List

  • Guest list can be a boring part of it but take it easy. Forget the table seating arrangement and placement. Start with listing the names of your relatives, friends, colleagues, and maybe if it is held in your local community, you may invite your neighbors too.
  • Don’t forget, if you do invite music band & photographer/videographer, you must at least spare one table for them to have a rest. A music band crew/artist, photo/videographer need to sit down & have some rest & refreshment too. If you leave them standing for the whole reception event, they will get tired and in the end, will losing the energy to play a nice songs or out of idea on capturing the best moments of the event. You don’t want that to happen.
  • After listing the name done, the table numbering, seating arrangement.

5. Photography

  • You may own one DSLR camera that’s similar to the photographer’s camera but think of the outcome. Those photographers are equipped with the best camera gears and their eyes are trained to shoot every details & moments of the event or your weddings. Furthermore, they will look after all the post processing of the photo until the printing part. I ever came across a case where this couple, a friend of mine asking their sibling to became their weddings photographer. In the end, all the photo of their wedding was ended in their laptop’s hard disk and I don’t think it will be printed out as they said; there was a lot of photo to be choose from and they just have no idea where to start from. This is one good example of the problems. Why hire a photographer? - Wedding for most of us is a once in a lifetime event and photograph is the best way to keep all the memory forever.
  • Commonly, there are two types of photography service offered by most of the photographer in the country, the Pre-Wedding & the Actual Day.
  • Pre-wedding is the photography session before your big day. Most couple like to have a this session as they can have those photo to be ready for their wedding reception’s slide show or just to be shared among their friends and families.
  • Actual day photojournalism is the photography service on your big day. It may cover from the bride & groom preparations, make-up, hair-do, the church blessings (if any), up until the end of the receptions if it to be done on the same day. In my opinion, every couple should be have photographer on their actual day wedding as the entire event can’t be replay on the next day. Unlike the pre-wedding photo, it can be done even after the actual weddings day.

6. Bridal

  • Some may confuse, why I separate photography & bridal? Well, a bridal doesn’t always own by photographer. Bridal normally own by make-up & beauty artist. They don’t trained to shoot photo.
  • Bridal provides wedding dress, hair-do & make-up. Again, this is a must in the listing, as every couple will surely want to looks good on the big day. Just like the photographer, bridals do have their variety of price range starting from RM500 – RM5000. It can be the normal dress or the designer’s collections dress for the bride and they can be a good to the best make-up artist available in town.
  • Some bridal do provide a bundle package with photography service/session and mostly available for the pre-wedding photo session.

7. Invitation Card

  • Invitation card is number 7 in the list. Invitation card cost you a little amount of money, so don’t ask your designer to finalized and print the card before you can confirm the date and venue. Otherwise, you will need to do the reprinting and loose money.
  • Next important things on the list, the invitation card. Typically, an invitation card is a classic yet personal way to invite all your guests to your event. Depending on your budget, these cards are available in a lot of choices and designs to choose from. It may be the classic folding type, one piece, or a size of a name card.
  • You may skip the prints and may choose to use the cheapest way by social media to invite your guest but in my opinion, the most personal way is to invite is, by using the classic invitation card.

8. Best man & Bride's maid

  • It may not apply to some races or religions and it may not be compulsory to have the best man & bride’s maid for your weddings. But if your siblings or closed friends or relatives don’t mind, the more, the merrier it can be to have few of you dressing smart and tidy together. So, don’t forget to list a name or two for this.

9. Door Gift

  • You may not want to let your guests left your wedding or receptions empty handed. You may show your thanks to your guest by giving a door gift each as a personal gift.
  • In the last 10 years, many choose to give away a small packet of box containing few candies. In Malay traditions, they’re giving ‘bunga telur’, an egg wrapped in a stick of decorated artificial flower each to their guest. You may choose to stick to the tradition of preparing the small candy box or choose to give out something more personal to let your guest remember your big day. In my own wedding reception, my wife and me prepared a ‘sape’ (Borneo’s music instrument) shaped keychain, packed in a small transparent plastic cover with a photo from the pre-wedding session with the word ‘Thank You’ on the other side of the photo. It was my personal way to give thanks to all of the guest and a great way to let your guest remember your big day whenever they saw the keychain.

10. Theme

  • The last but not least and may not be compulsory to all, the wedding theme. There is a lot of theme to choose. It can be a glam wedding, garden weddings, fairy tale or just casual ones.
  • Some theme may cost you on the decorations, flowers and special lightings. All those decorations can be leave to the vendor, as they know how to style up the setting & arrangement. It can cost you from few hundred to a thousand of ringgit.
  • It is very common to Malay’s tradition to have the ‘Pelamin’. A few others races do have their own type of ‘pelamin’ but very similar to each other.  ‘Pelamin’ is consist of a set of backdrop, a set of chair, flower arrangement and special lighting to make it stands out.




Here are top ten, MUST HAVE things in your wedding check list. It may be use for your guidance to help you list up or list down the thing needs for your big day so you may not spend beyond your budget. I am happy to offer any personal help if you need a personal consultation on planning your wedding. A small fee may apply but I will be taken care of a lot of things like choosing the right bridal, photographer, make-up artist, invitation card, and decoration vendors.

I hope you do enjoy reading my article and found it useful in planning your dream wedding. Should there any questions & inquiry, you may contact me via e-mail : wez.photoworks@gmail.com

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