Top 10 : Must Have in Wedding Checklist

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1. Budget

  • Budget must be on top of your entire checklist. This is very crucial because once you set up a budget; you will be able to limit your spending and easily to determine what should be next on the checklist.
  • Let’s take an example of RM20,000.00 budget. With a budget of that amount, you can now decide the venue of the receptions. It can be a low to mid-range hotels or restaurant. Then, you can decide on what type of wedding rings, dress, the make up and photography/videography.

2. Date

  • Date is the next things to decide. So, choose on at least 3 suitable date. I suggest three is because, before you confirm the final event date, you need to check with the church on the blessing’s ceremony, the receptions venue provider (Hotel/Restaurant/Hall) and of course with your partner or parents. Things may go wrong in the very last minute, so you need to spare 2-3 suitable dates.

3. Venue

  • There are also three things to consider in choosing the right venue. First, you need to consider which home town is your partner (husband/wife to be). If he or she is from the same hometown, you can look into the nearest hotel or restaurant or multi-purpose community hall. If the other way rounds, you and your partner need to discuss with both of your parents to help you decide.
  • Choosing the hotel/restaurant is an easy way to just sit back & relax through out the waiting period before your big day. Hotel/Restaurant’s wedding receptions package normally come complete with the entire menu, program tentative, themes, projectors, and the decorations. But you must make sure you’ve made a good choice of venue provider otherwise, your big day will never happen as what you imagine.
  • In Malaysia, especially in Sarawak, some (couple) will just choose to held their wedding reception at their own resident/house or the community multi-purpose hall. This is very common in my area/district and normally; they (the couple/family members) will hire their own relatives or the best local ‘chef’ to cook for the big event.

4. Guest List

  • Guest list can be a boring part of it but take it easy. Forget the table seating arrangement and placement. Start with listing the names of your relatives, friends, colleagues, and maybe if it is held in your local community, you may invite your neighbors too.
  • Don’t forget, if you do invite music band & photographer/videographer, you must at least spare one table for them to have a rest. A music band crew/artist, photo/videographer need to sit down & have some rest & refreshment too. If you leave them standing for the whole reception event, they will get tired and in the end, will losing the energy to play a nice songs or out of idea on capturing the best moments of the event. You don’t want that to happen.
  • After listing the name done, the table numbering, seating arrangement.

5. Photography

  • You may own one DSLR camera that’s similar to the photographer’s camera but think of the outcome. Those photographers are equipped with the best camera gears and their eyes are trained to shoot every details & moments of the event or your weddings. Furthermore, they will look after all the post processing of the photo until the printing part. I ever came across a case where this couple, a friend of mine asking their sibling to became their weddings photographer. In the end, all the photo of their wedding was ended in their laptop’s hard disk and I don’t think it will be printed out as they said; there was a lot of photo to be choose from and they just have no idea where to start from. This is one good example of the problems. Why hire a photographer? - Wedding for most of us is a once in a lifetime event and photograph is the best way to keep all the memory forever.
  • Commonly, there are two types of photography service offered by most of the photographer in the country, the Pre-Wedding & the Actual Day.
  • Pre-wedding is the photography session before your big day. Most couple like to have a this session as they can have those photo to be ready for their wedding reception’s slide show or just to be shared among their friends and families.
  • Actual day photojournalism is the photography service on your big day. It may cover from the bride & groom preparations, make-up, hair-do, the church blessings (if any), up until the end of the receptions if it to be done on the same day. In my opinion, every couple should be have photographer on their actual day wedding as the entire event can’t be replay on the next day. Unlike the pre-wedding photo, it can be done even after the actual weddings day.

6. Bridal

  • Some may confuse, why I separate photography & bridal? Well, a bridal doesn’t always own by photographer. Bridal normally own by make-up & beauty artist. They don’t trained to shoot photo.
  • Bridal provides wedding dress, hair-do & make-up. Again, this is a must in the listing, as every couple will surely want to looks good on the big day. Just like the photographer, bridals do have their variety of price range starting from RM500 – RM5000. It can be the normal dress or the designer’s collections dress for the bride and they can be a good to the best make-up artist available in town.
  • Some bridal do provide a bundle package with photography service/session and mostly available for the pre-wedding photo session.

7. Invitation Card

  • Invitation card is number 7 in the list. Invitation card cost you a little amount of money, so don’t ask your designer to finalized and print the card before you can confirm the date and venue. Otherwise, you will need to do the reprinting and loose money.
  • Next important things on the list, the invitation card. Typically, an invitation card is a classic yet personal way to invite all your guests to your event. Depending on your budget, these cards are available in a lot of choices and designs to choose from. It may be the classic folding type, one piece, or a size of a name card.
  • You may skip the prints and may choose to use the cheapest way by social media to invite your guest but in my opinion, the most personal way is to invite is, by using the classic invitation card.

8. Best man & Bride's maid

  • It may not apply to some races or religions and it may not be compulsory to have the best man & bride’s maid for your weddings. But if your siblings or closed friends or relatives don’t mind, the more, the merrier it can be to have few of you dressing smart and tidy together. So, don’t forget to list a name or two for this.

9. Door Gift

  • You may not want to let your guests left your wedding or receptions empty handed. You may show your thanks to your guest by giving a door gift each as a personal gift.
  • In the last 10 years, many choose to give away a small packet of box containing few candies. In Malay traditions, they’re giving ‘bunga telur’, an egg wrapped in a stick of decorated artificial flower each to their guest. You may choose to stick to the tradition of preparing the small candy box or choose to give out something more personal to let your guest remember your big day. In my own wedding reception, my wife and me prepared a ‘sape’ (Borneo’s music instrument) shaped keychain, packed in a small transparent plastic cover with a photo from the pre-wedding session with the word ‘Thank You’ on the other side of the photo. It was my personal way to give thanks to all of the guest and a great way to let your guest remember your big day whenever they saw the keychain.

10. Theme

  • The last but not least and may not be compulsory to all, the wedding theme. There is a lot of theme to choose. It can be a glam wedding, garden weddings, fairy tale or just casual ones.
  • Some theme may cost you on the decorations, flowers and special lightings. All those decorations can be leave to the vendor, as they know how to style up the setting & arrangement. It can cost you from few hundred to a thousand of ringgit.
  • It is very common to Malay’s tradition to have the ‘Pelamin’. A few others races do have their own type of ‘pelamin’ but very similar to each other.  ‘Pelamin’ is consist of a set of backdrop, a set of chair, flower arrangement and special lighting to make it stands out.




Here are top ten, MUST HAVE things in your wedding check list. It may be use for your guidance to help you list up or list down the thing needs for your big day so you may not spend beyond your budget. I am happy to offer any personal help if you need a personal consultation on planning your wedding. A small fee may apply but I will be taken care of a lot of things like choosing the right bridal, photographer, make-up artist, invitation card, and decoration vendors.

I hope you do enjoy reading my article and found it useful in planning your dream wedding. Should there any questions & inquiry, you may contact me via e-mail :


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