Affordable Engagement session or known as pre wedding photo

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In Malaysia, most couple is looking to have their wedding photo taken before their actual day wedding, pre wedding photo session or which in the other countries; they called it the ‘Engagement Session’. Commonly, the word engagement in Malaysia refers to a couple get in a simple ceremony to be recognized officially as fiancé and fiancée, which held just before their wedding day.

Engagement session or pre wedding photo session is optional but can be important photo session for both of the bride and groom since those photos can be use for their wedding invitation card or be use for a photo slide show and be shared among friends and relatives.

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The cost for engagement session can be different from one photographer to another. And most couple finds it easy to go on a window shopping to every bridal in the town an just consult to bridal which usually offering bundle packages which included the make-up, hair do and dresses which finally can add up to RM 2000 – 5000 each session (some even goes up to more than RM 10,000 with overseas travel packages).

I didn’t condemn or opposed any of these packages if you can afford it, as long as the couple satisfies with their photo or packages, which didn’t burn out their pocket, go for it. You can have a nice to great quality of photo album and a few more dresses to put in during the sessions of which, I personally look it as some bridal are having too much dress to put in, from normal dress to Japanese, Korean costumes which making their photo looks like to be from a fancy dress collections rather than a wedding photo. This is one of the bridal’s tactic to attract their potential customers, by adding in their packages, “Up to 5-10 dresses during the pre wedding”, which looks ridiculous to do the changing in a half day shoot.



As the main topic for this blog entry is about the affordable engagement session, I will open a new possible window for couples which looking to save some pocket money for their big day, especially during these time as our economy and the current dropped of our currency. With the saving of few hundred ringgit, maybe you can save that money for a good honeymoon locally or abroad.

So, back to the main topic again, how low it can be? It depends on how much you could spend on the engagement session itself. As a photographer myself, I can assured that the cost can be just below RM 1,000 to RM 2,000 depends on what the couple need as I can customize the packages. This is not inclusive the make-up, hair do and dresses.

Below RM 1000 for a pre wedding photo session? Yes, why not? There’s an option for the budget session. But then again, you will always get what you pay for. It may not inclusive of make up, hair do or nice wedding dress, but the photo can be looks better. Make up, normally can cost from RM150-300 a session, (you can have this, consult your make-up artist), hair do can be around RM100-300 (it’s optional, choose wisely), dress rental around RM300-800 each (oh yes, you can skip on this if you have beautiful dress in your wardrobe. So, minus the hair do and dress, there’s a saving from RM400-1000. After considering this option, then consult a photographer, which can customize your needs.



Photographer may provide a service with or without the photo album. Which can cost around RM800-10,000 or even more for overseas trip. Which I can’t mention here, because the price varies to each photographers in town. Always consult a photographer, which have a good portfolio or range of works with their sample works provided when you meet them. And, make sure you have a contract signed just to protect yourself from being cheated. There could be a hidden charges somewhere.





Well, it is up to every individuals spending limits as my blog entry is just for your reference and it is my sharing to every couple out there. I am open to any idea and suggestions, or even questions. Contact me via email, 


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