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Shooting on location can be tricky a little bit as there are always no exact setting of the camera neither the flash power can be determined just by referred to the previous shooting even on the same location as here in our country, we always had a very strong direct sun light up above us. But pay in mind that the previous setting still important just to get the base reading or setting for your upcoming shoot. 

This time I would like to share some of the tips to get a good shot with off flash techniques. As usual on every actual day wedding session, I love to spent a little time just to get a few shots for their big day memories. 

Here on the location, at Siniawan Old Town. It's always a good choice to start with the base reading before you fill up the flash into the final shot. 

I shot this image at 1/250sec, f/8, ISO 200 without adding in the flash and this was the base reading and I have this image as a result. The sky was a little bit overexposed but the other details are well exposed because I already planned to shoot with filled flash. Further more, I shoot in RAW format. So I still managed to recover some details for the sky later during the post processing. 

Then, I filled up the scene with off flash with setting (of the flash) was around 1/2, 16mm. 

This was the result with the filled flash and it was purposely just to lit up the couple to gain much important details since I wanted to drive my audience to focus on the couple.

Finally, the final image was fully processed in Lightroom with a lot of adjustment brush works of which was my signature editing style. 

I hope this simple technique will help some of the photographers out there some ideas on how to get a good shot at the location shoot. 



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