Here are our finished products show case, the photo book album. Currently we are giving an options of two types of photo book, the lay-flat and the normal type. In the pictures shown below are the normal type of photo book album with size ranging from 8x12, 10x15 and 11x15 inch and with pages number from minimum 20 pages to a maximum 60 pages per album. 

Please do contact us for any inquiry regarding the photo album, we always welcome you.

- Wez Lee.

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  • Photo Book Album



  • Pro Lay Flat Album.

The most common and long lasting photo album. With a thick cover and inner pages, this album is a must have to keep your wedding memories last longer than the other photo album. Printed on the Kodak Pro paper, it produced a vivid colour and the most important things is, the colour last longer. Available in 8x12 inch to 10x15 inch size with minimum of 20 pages to up to 40 pages per album.